New Website Plugin Provides Consumers Critical State COVID-19 Updates

RBFF knows this is a confusing time for Americans and we want to help you be a resource for your customers as we all navigate the waters of this pandemic. Therefore, we created a free tool to be added to your website to provide anglers and boaters with the latest State Agency COVID-19 response and updates in their area.

The State Agency COVID-19 Response Plugin offers easy access to each state’s Fish and Wildlife and/or Department of Natural Resources website or official website with COVID-19 updates. Users can either click the desired state on the map or select it from the drop-down menu to be taken directly to the state site. The plugin also allows for easy toggling between fishing and boating links. RBFF will be updating this map regularly to ensure links are live and accurate.

Our vision in making this tool embeddable on stakeholder websites is to provide anglers and boaters with everything they need to know about the latest updates, changes, closures, and more for fishing and boating related activities near them. We see this as an opportunity to make it easy for you to provide accurate information to your website visitors, in hopes that people will continue to get out on the water safely. Once added to your site, be sure to promote this tool via your social media channels using our sample social media posts: COVID-19 Widget toolkit with assets (within the link, click on the file and then the download button/arrow at the bottom right of the screen to save).

Download the instructions to add the State Agency COVID-19 Response Plugin to your website today.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to RBFF Senior Manager, Strategic Partnerships Rachel Auslander with any questions on this resource.