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RBLC New Markets Task Force Launches Educational Initiative
$20,000 Raised for Custom Video Production

Venice, FL (December 2, 2015) The New Markets Task Force of the Recreational Boating and Leadership Council is underway on a major industry educational initiative for 2016. The task force plans to produce a 45-minute industry training module which will incorporate a mix of updated new data and content including video segments featuring best practices by marine retailers and other businesses who are successfully engaging and selling to diverse markets.

The presentation will be ultimately geared for retailers, manufacturers, marine trade associations and the industry at large, with the goal to launch live presentations and webinars next spring.

A subcommittee of the New Markets Task Force chaired by Erik Rimblas of West Marine researched and made recommendations on potential best practice candidates throughout North America. In addition, the task force invites any additional marine businesses to apply for inclusion if they believe their multicultural marketing program has proven industry merit.

“For us to grow boating, we believe the equation must involve embracing and engaging new diverse audiences,” said New Markets Task Force Chairperson Wanda Kenton Smith. “The demographic trends are compelling and if we hope to welcome diverse audiences into our sport and lifestyle, we need to understand the nuances about how to navigate successfully. Our educational initiative is designed to share the latest facts and findings while bringing winning tactical strategies for industry consideration and potential business adoption.”

The educational initiative required private fundraising. Frank Peterson of the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation (RBFF) pledged $10,000 seed money so long as additional funding was matched. A total of $20,000 has been raised from four sponsors. Title sponsor is the RBFF, with platinum sponsors including the MRAA, NMMA and Freedom Boat Club. The joint funds will be used to underwrite the video production component, while the content development and future presentations will be contributed by key committee volunteers.

“Besides reviewing and selecting the final candidates for the best practices segment, we’re also underway in developing our presentation outline and will shortly be issuing an RFP for video production,” said Kenton Smith. ”Working within a limited budget, we are hoping to source one video production company who can coordinate shooting in multiple locations throughout North America and handle final segment edits.”

If your marine business has been successful in engaging and/or selling to a multicultural market including Hispanics, African Americans or Asians and you’d like to share your story, or if you represent a video production company and would like to be placed on the RFP list, please email Kenton Smith -

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