New Poll: Americans Falling Back in Love with Nature

There’s no doubt the coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on our collective wellbeing. But, while 57% of Americans report a negative toll on mental health and happiness, 66% say that increased time in the outdoors has led to a boost in their mood. This from a new poll by RBFF and OnePoll which points to a reckoning between Americans and their relationships with nature brought on by the coronavirus pandemic and social struggles of 2020.

And the case for fishing keeps getting stronger:

  • 63% of those surveyed said the mental health benefits are an appealing reason to try fishing
  • More than 50% of those surveyed have gone fishing during their time in isolation
    • 27% of whom have gone fishing specifically to boost their mental health
  • 69% plan to incorporate more outdoor activities into their lifestyle post-pandemic
  • 17% of people like fishing for its social distancing traits
  • 63% of those who have gone fishing are eager to teach the skill to their children
  • Fishing (37%), camping (34%), going to the lake (31%), and boating (23%) were all named as activities that sparked nostalgia
  • Four in 10 respondents are more active now than they were pre-pandemic
  • Six in 10 said the pandemic has finally given them the time to explore their local community parks, trails, lakes, and more

When comparing the results of this survey to our own 2020 Special Report on Fishing, we see some more potential effects of the coronavirus pandemic on respondents’ perceptions of fishing. In this latest survey, the top two reasons to go fishing center around relaxation and happiness whereas the top two reasons from the Special Report are “getting away from the usual demands” and “being close to nature.”

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