Angling International Helps Highlight Retention

Fishing in America has a retention problem. Thanks to our friends at Angling International, we are working to help our entire industry attack this issue.

First, a new study showed that sporting goods companies in the United States are underspending when it comes to reaching out to and engaging with the Hispanic audience. While many in our industry may still see their “traditional customer” as a white male, the lack of attention to the Hispanic audience will become increasingly crucial as the Hispanic audience continues to grow and take up fishing in record numbers. In the article, RBFF President & CEO Frank Peterson dives into some of the ways RBFF is working to bring this audience to the water.

In a four-page spread in their latest digital issue, Peterson and Angling International again dive into the issue of retention, this time in relation to the strong consumer interest we are seeing during the coronavirus pandemic and resulting lockdowns. While RBFF is here to energize new anglers and boaters with our new #GetOnBoard Campaign, retaining this new crop of participants will mostly rely on the brands and state agencies they engage with (or don’t).

With renewed interest in outdoor recreation, it’s an incredible time to be in this industry. There is an immense opportunity in front of us to foster a love for the water in each and every one of these new and curious participants.