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RBFF Launches 8th Year of the Boat Registration Reactivation Program

Starting on April 1, RBFF began mailing more than 500,000 letters to owners of boats with lapsed registrations in 19 states.

Since the program started in 2012, RBFF has distributed more than 3.8 million letters encouraging owners to re-register their boats and get back on the water. In all, this has resulted in more than 321,000 registration and $11.7 million in revenue for our state agency partners. Because RBFF covers the entire cost of the program, all revenue goes directly to participating state agencies. In addition to the revenue generated directly through the letters, a significant amount of revenue is also generated through the Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund.

RBFF and its partners in this program cross fishing license data with boat registration data to deliver a more effective, fishing-specific message to boaters who likely use their vessel for fishing.

More information on the program, including how you can get involved can be found in the RBFF Resource Center. Stay tuned for results from this year’s program to be finalized near the end of the calendar year.