New Hispanic Consumer Insights from Culture Marketing Council

In RBFF’s mission to increase participation in fishing and boating, we continue to focus not only on youth and families, but also the U.S. Hispanic audience which is growing tremendously. Always monitoring the latest and greatest data to support our campaigns, we’re also happy to share this information and insights with our stakeholders.


The Culture Marketing Council (CMC) recently announced its 2019 Hispanic Market Guide, with very interesting insights and recommendations that could help you gather the right data and cultural insights, craft culture-driven campaigns, and make power partners in your Hispanic outreach campaign.


Key takeaways from the guide:


  • As other reports have said, multicultural majority is finally here and will keep growing. 2020 will mark the first time when the 18 and younger segment will be a multicultural majority.

  • Having generational cohorts in mind, the current Hispanic breakdown by age is Adults ages 35-64 (+18MM Mostly GenX) followed by Adults ages 18-34 (+16MM mostly Millennials) and Children ages 2-11 (+9MM). At the moment there are only 5MM Teens Ages 12-14 (GenZ) and 4MM Adults +65 (Boomers).

  • Although Hispanic teens are not a huge population at the moment, they have buying power and they’re looking for deals, especially males. They’re considered brand drivers for beauty and apparel categories, and boosters for brands like Nike and eBay.

  • Hispanic millennials have a lot more influence on household and shopping decisions (and they spend a lot more too).

  • Mainstream is shifting to culture openness, which affects everything from identity to consumer habits, to marketing and advertising.

  • Getting ready for the new audiences> 67% of new generations (Centennials) are bilingual and can easily navigate different cultures. 34% have no preference between English and Spanish.

    • This is because language communicates but it is culture that makes the audience connect. This is also why being culturally relevant is more vital now than ever.

  • In terms of media, radio is the reach king. Among top Internet sites/apps visited by Hispanics, Instagram is ranked #7, with a big gap compared to other social media channels (Twitter #17, Facebook #19 and Pinterest #20).

  • The Orlando Sentinel in Spanish tops the list of sites visited by Hispanics. Websites to find and sell things like TheGreensheet, eBay, Craiglist and Groupon are very popular too. Sports league channels and job websites also rank towards the top.

  • Topping digital categories among Hispanics are Radio/InternetRadio/Music/Podcasts which appear again along with education, coupons, video, social media, blogs, consumer reviews, shopping, local events, maps, weather and travel.


Make sure to check out our Hispanic Marketing Toolkit for additional resources to support your Hispanic outreach campaign.




Maria Dominguez, a self-proclaimed “enthusiastic” Venezuelan communicator, joined RBFF in 2017. She has 12 years of international work experience in journalism, corporate communications, social media, public relations and radio production.