Why Are Fishing & Boating So Hot Right Now?

Across the board, outdoor activities are experiencing a big boom in interest and participation. If you want a new bicycle, you better be okay with waiting until 2021. Head out to a local park and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a spot to yourself. We’ve known for years about the benefits of outdoor recreation and the joys of spending time in nature, so why all the seemingly sudden interest?

It’s long been known that time in the outdoors is beneficial to your health. While the actual physical exertion side of things has been studied for decades, it’s the other side of the equation, mental health, that really seems to be drawing folks in these days. In June, we relayed Harris Poll Insights on how running was surging in popularity as a way to relieve stress and anxiety and the specific benefits that fishing and boating have on your mental health were the focus of our summer PR campaign with Dr. Sue Varma.

On top of that, fishing and boating represent simpler times for many people. Some harken back to childhood memories when life was worry-free. Considering Americans are feeling more stressed than ever, it’s no surprise the simple act of pushing off the dock or casting a line are gaining popularity of late.

As we’ve said many times before, fishing and boating are perfectly positioned to be the go-to activity for America. The inherent health benefits, ease of social distancing, and ability to stay close-by while feeling far away make a strong case for fishing and boating during the pandemic, but what does this mean for you?

Now is the time to tap into the nostalgia of fishing and boating. Lean into the health benefits. Use these messages to pull at your audience’s heartstrings, get them out on the water and into your stores!

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