RBFF License & Registration Tool Converts Thousands of Anglers & Boaters

Our Fishing License & Boat Registration Website Plugin continues to gain reach. As of today, a total of 74 companies have added the tool to their websites, making critical fishing license and boat registration information easier for consumers to find and digest.


So far, the tool has been used 1.65 million times this year, leading to 58,000 conversions (meaning consumers made their way to state agency fishing license and registration pages 58,000 times, ideally with the intent of purchasing a license or registering a boat). Keep in mind that a 2018 study on conversion rate benchmarks found the average organic e-commerce conversion rate to be just above 2%, making this tool’s 3.5% conversion rate impressive in today’s competitive digital world.


September top-performers (by sessions):


Thank you to 50 Campfires,, Liquid Planet Marine, RJ Sport & Cycle, SW Marine, and Water Werks Marine as the latest organizations to add the tool to their consumer-facing websites.


Learn more about how you can add the tool to your website today.