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Florida’s R3 Fishing Action Plan

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) has developed Florida’s R3 Fishing Action Plan in support of their commitment to angler recruitment, retention and reactivation (R3).  FWC’s R3 plan sets clear goals, objectives and strategies to increase fishing and boating participation and enhance aquatic conservation.


“We are grateful for all of our partners that support the State of Florida’s R3 Program,” said FWC Executive Director Eric Sutton. “Working together to increase both the number and the diversity of anglers in Florida is paramount to the continued conservation of our state’s important freshwater and marine ecosystems. RBFF’s 60-in-60 campaign outlines a great plan for the nation and roles for each state to play in implementing R3 programs which ultimately furthers the collective goal to conserve our nation’s aquatic natural resources.”


“FWC is one of the first states to complete a comprehensive Angler R3 Plan, and I congratulate Director Sutton for his leadership in developing and implementing an agency wide approach to engage a new population of anglers,” said Dave Chanda, RBFF VP of State Agency Engagement. “Florida’s R3 plan places emphasis on diversity, youth and families and fully aligns with the recommendations contained in the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies’ Angler R3 Task Force Report.”


Ready to create your own Angler R3 Plan? Use these resources and support to get started today.