Position Your Business as a Resource: Free Tools to Help Your Customers Get on the Water

Before National Fishing & Boating Week kicks off, RBFF wants to make it easy for you to help your customers get out on the water by providing your company free website tools. Make it a stress-free experience for your customers by removing barriers from the fishing license purchase and boat registration processes and helping customers find places to fish and boat near them.



1) Fishing License & Boat Registration Website Plugin



Anyone wanting to get out on the water needs a current fishing license and boat registration, if applicable. When customers buy a fishing license, they are not only prepared for a fishing adventure, but they are contributing to conservation and preservation of the water on which they fish. The Fishing License & Boat Registration Website Plugin offers your customers a direct link from your website to their state agency’s licensing page, allowing them to prepare with everything they need to fish & boat, from home.


Access the Instructions & Code here: Fishing License & Boat Registration Website Plugin


Once added to your site, promote this tool to your followers on social media our License & Registration Plugin toolkit with sample posts and imagery. 



2) Embeddable Places to Boat & Fish Map



We know people of all skill levels love to discover new places to fish and boat. The embeddable Take Me Fishing Places to Boat & Fish Map, powered by Fishbrain, will help them locate the best places to fish near them, places to launch a boat, local fishing spots, localized fishing maps, including top spot fishing maps and fishing lake maps. In addition to learning where to boat and fish, users will learn which species can be caught in these bodies of water, recent catches, as well as places to buy fishing gear, licenses, equipment, and more.


Access the Instructions & Code here: Places to Boat & Fish Map


Once added to your site, promote this tool to your followers on social media using our Places to Boat & Fish Map toolkit with sample posts and imagery. 



3) Get On Board Marketing Toolkit


After your customers are hooked with these tools, #GetOnBoard with the most exciting campaign in the great outdoors and let us make your social media manager’s life easy by registering for our free toolkit, allowing you to add your own logo and imagery to these catchy and energetic creative resources.




RBFF hopes these tools will supplement your company’s offerings, support your team, and position your business as a helpful resource for your customers this National Fishing & Boating Week. 


Please reach out to RBFF Senior Manager, Business Development Rachel Auslander, with questions on these resources.