How to Use PR to Reach & Engage with Hispanic Communities

It’s not breaking news that building relationships is imperative to reach and engage audiences, but when we talk about engaging with Hispanic communities, investing time in creating relationships is a must-do. From approaching a Hispanic reporter to pitch a story or when looking for partners for sponsorship activations, the best way to reach out to Hispanics is by being a little informal and authentic. You should also be willing to include this person in your network.

When it comes to media relations for example (noting of course that there are exceptions), it is relatively common to reach out to reporters and editors through text messages, WhatsApp, LinkedIn and Twitter to pitch a story quickly. The beauty of reaching out to media through more informal and conversational ways is that you are already building a relationship and connecting this person to your network. It’s a win-win situation.

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated every year from September 15 to October 15 and is an excellent opportunity to research and dive into cultural nuances about Hispanics. As you may have read before, it’s not about the language we speak but learning about our cultural differences to be impactful and authentic. An easy but sometimes overlooked way to be impactful with Hispanics is knowing and having in mind that Hispanic communities have individuals from different countries. Even the Spanish language varies from place to place. Create content and messaging that speaks directly to someone’s culture. For instance, traditional Mexican food is different than traditional Colombian food. A Brazilian will probably have Spanish as their second language, and Peruvians will likely be less affected by mild temperatures.

Once you establish communication, make sure to keep up with it! Have a calendar with important dates related to this contact, share information you believe will be relevant, and be the catalyst to connect with others.

Another essential point to note is to gain buy-in from your Hispanic audiences by partnering with well-respected community organizations to spread the word about your services and products and partner with a trusted spokesperson among the Latino communities to relay your message.

Last but not least, when engaging with Hispanics, make sure to be more visual than ever! Mobile-first and engaging content is critical to connect with this multitasking, young, and lively community. Head to the RBFF Resource Center for great resources on how to reach out to the Hispanic audience.