Tips to Create Digital Content for Hispanic Audiences


We know it’s important to connect with Hispanic and Latinx consumers, but there is significant nuance with this audience. So, how do we go about making fishing and boating top-of-mind activities for these consumers? Here are nine tips to get you well on your way:


  • Know your audience. Use analytic tools to know your audience. Being aware of differences in age, gender, location and other demographics will be extremely helpful when designing a content roadmap that your audience will love.
  • Understand the differences between Latinx and Hispanic. Latinx are people from countries in Latin America. The term Hispanic is used for people from Spanish speaking countries. For example, generally a person from Brazil is Latinx but not Hispanic, a person from Spain is Hispanic but not Latinx, and a person from Colombia is both Latinx and Hispanic. Be aware of the difference.
  • Give language options. The majority of Hispanic audiences are bilingual and consume media in both English and Spanish. Older generations tend to prefer consuming content in Spanish, while younger generations consume most of their content in English.
  • Be careful repurposing content. If you are trying to create more content in Spanish you can get started repurposing content you already have, but do not use literal translation. Also, use universal Spanish, avoiding specific dialects or slang.
  • Keyword research. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is your friend! Do keyword research on the content you are planning to create. Be aware of the search volume for the topic in both Spanish and English. SEO optimized content will improve your traffic and bring you closer to your desired audience.
  • Avoid Stereotypes. Do not generalize, Hispanic and Latinx cultures are so diverse. It is nearly impossible to target each one individually, but do not assume they are all the same.
  • Representation Matters. Storytelling is uniquely powerful. It is hard to forget content that tells a story that we can connect and identify with. Tell the stories of Hispanic and Latinx, show them they are valuable to you, get ready to connect and engage with them on a deeper level.
  • Be consistent. It is great that you started creating content for Hispanic and Latinx audiences, now keep it going! Consistency is key to growing your audience and creating great content.
  • Mobile First. You should make sure your website is mobile friendly since the majority of consumers consume content from their phones and tablets. It is even a higher priority when targeting Hispanic and Latinx, since their mobile device usage is even higher.

Time to make your next move. Use RBFF’s free resources like our Hispanic Marketing Toolkit to start engaging with the Hispanic and Latinx audience today.