Hispanics Change the Tide Across the U.S.

It’s no secret that Hispanics are essential to the continued growth of fishing and boating. Hispanic participation in fishing has increased an average of 6% annually for the past three years. Their growing share of the U.S. population and strong interest in fishing more frequently confirm that Hispanics will continue to be a key demographic moving forward.


Last year, 200,000 Hispanics went fishing for the first time, an increase of 33% from the number of first-time participants in 2019. That growth represents an incredible contribution to the sport, and there is no better time to highlight and act on this growth than Hispanic Heritage Month.


From September 15 to October 15, we have a prime opportunity to celebrate and connect with Hispanics and Latinx consumers. While it’s essential the industry meets their needs from the start with education and resources that make it easier for them to choose equipment and locate nearby fishing holes, the industry must also continue to learn about the cultural nuances and trends within the Hispanic community to be able to better welcome and retain them.  


Their connection to and interest in spending time in nature is evident: In addition to fishing,  Hispanics enjoy camping, biking, hiking, and walking for fitness according to the 2021 Special Report on Fishing. Across the nation, Hispanics show strong support for environmental causes. As an industry, it’s our responsibility to ensure this community understands the important role fishing and boating play in the conservation of our nation’s waterways.


That should be our call to action this month! To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we should engage the Hispanic community and encourage them to take a new step to support water conservation: Let’s invite them to get a fishing license and try to catch then cook a fish while camping, go on a boating trip to enjoy the benefits of being on the water, or take a break from their daily routines and drop a line near home.


If you are looking for communication support to promote fishing and boating this Hispanic Heritage Month, check out our recently updated Hispanic Toolkit and celebrate that #TheWaterIsOpen to everyone!