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New Ways to Attract Multicultural Audiences Identified Through Latest RBFF Research
Findings reveal cultural differences between segments and ways to better engage these groups

ALEXANDRIA, VA (November 25, 2019) – The Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF) today announced the release of new research on multicultural audiences and their relationship with fishing and boating. The research points to nuances between various audience groups and includes recommendations on how to better reach these audiences.

“The great news coming out of this research is that multicultural audiences represent a strong opportunity for RBFF and the industry to grow both fishing and boating participation by promoting them as a memorable and relaxing break from daily life that fosters family bonding,” said RBFF President & CEO Frank Peterson.

Key research takeaways include:

HOW to reach multicultural audiences:

  • Use key influencers to help portray fishing and boating as fun and engaging.
  • Show fishing as an activity that’s strongly associated with family, friends and nature.
  • Make fishing and boating more approachable by educating consumers through dual language.
  • Communicate this on social media, including live chats.

WHERE to reach multicultural audiences:

  • Top platforms: social media, websites and streaming media.
  • Word of mouth: hearing and seeing keeps these activities top-of-mind.
  • Inclusivity: be more inclusive in your media. Stay away from masculine and solitary imagery.
  • Partnerships: create opportunities that make it easier to experience fishing and boating through trusted community organizations.

Growth Opportunity:

  • Accessibility: make it easier for multicultural audiences to experience fishing and boating through deal sites and partnerships.
  • Relevance: use messaging and visuals that focus on family, nature, escapism and excitement.
  • Approachability: educate this audience through tutorials, information, conversations and live chats.
  • Relatability: show a diverse mix of anglers and boaters in ALL marketing efforts.

“The America we know is rapidly changing, making emerging audiences increasingly important to our 60 in 60 goal and the future of fishing and boating,” added Peterson. “Not only do we know who to target, but this study now shows us how to reach out to and interact with these customers.”

Carried out by Culturati, this research into multicultural audiences is the result of a survey of 800 individuals within target ethnic populations to better understand the needs, motivations, barriers and decision making factors related to fishing and boating. The full report and infographic contain even greater details on the nuances of each multicultural audience segment and are available for free to all RBFF stakeholders.

In addition to this study, RBFF offers research, tools and more to help the fishing and boating industry reach out to and engage multicultural audiences. All materials are available for free to RBFF stakeholders.



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