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New Survey: Anglers’ Legacy Continues Positive Financial Impact on Industry and Conservation
Each Anglers’ Legacy Ambassador Generates $140 for Fishing, $153 for Boating & 3.1 Fishing Licenses

ALEXANDRIA, VA (November 12, 2008) – The Anglers’ Legacy program continues to have a positive financial impact on the boating and fishing industry, according to a new survey being released today by the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF). In a second-year survey of Anglers’ Legacy Ambassadors (those who have taken the Pledge), more than 5,000 respondents indicated they purchase approximately $140 in fishing tackle and equipment, $153 in boating supplies and accessories and more than three fishing licenses.

“The Anglers’ Legacy program is approaching 75,000 Ambassadors and is generating significant dollars for the industry and conservation efforts according to our research,” said RBFF President and CEO Frank Peterson. “This new survey shows the program may have already generated $19 million for the boating and fishing industries and more than 125,000 new fishing licenses. Based on an average $15 license, this means the program likely generated $1.8 million for states, supporting critical fish and wildlife management efforts.”


  • Ambassadors are taking an active role in the program.
    • Nearly 90 percent have taken an average of 4.4 persons fishing in the past year
    • Eighty-four percent are “extremely” or “very likely” to continue introducing people to fishing in the next 12 months as part of their Anglers' Legacy Pledge
    • More than 60 percent have recommended that others take the Pledge (5.5 people on average)
  • Two-thirds of Ambassadors (65 percent) own a boat.
  • Ambassadors are fishing frequently – many from a boat.
    • More than half (64.4 percent) fish at least 20 times per year
    • Nearly 90 percent have fished from a boat in the past year
  • Ambassadors are purchasing fishing licenses.
    • Nearly two-thirds purchased fishing licenses for the people they took fishing (3.1 on average)

The survey was conducted online by RBFF in October 2008 with 5,085 respondents. Survey has a margin of error of plus or minus two percent at a 95 percent level of confidence.

Anglers’ Legacy is an RBFF program that rallies the country’s most avid anglers to take a Pledge to introduce newcomers to the sport. Almost 75,000 Ambassadors have signed on to the program since its inception in May 2006. For more information about the program, visit or call RBFF at (703) 519-0013.

About RBFF
RBFF is a nonprofit organization established in 1998 to increase participation in recreational angling and boating. RBFF helps people discover, share and protect the legacy of boating and fishing through national outreach programs including the Take Me Fishing™ campaign and Anglers’ Legacy™.


Heather Sieber