How to Reach Multicultural Consumers on Digital Media

US Hispanics Represent a Big Population with Strong Buying Power

ThinkNow Media has released its latest report on U.S. Hispanics which shares insights into Hispanics’ finances. This includes the role of entrepreneurship and homeownership, how much they spend and how they spend it, and the influence of culture and language preference. The report also assesses digital usage among U.S Hispanics.


1. Adjust your Social Media Strategy

Generally, women and younger age groups (Gen Z and Gen Y) are more involved with social media than other consumer segments. They are closely tied to their social media profiles and pay very close attention to influencers on different social platforms. If you’re trying to reach Gen Z and Gen Y Hispanics, make sure to post new photos and videos that appeal to them and that you have an adequate budget for content creation with influencers.

2. Create a YouTube Strategy

YouTube ranks number 2 in preference among Hispanics because it is more convenient than reading blogs and less expensive than cable or subscription content. Tweak your video strategy to increase the frequency of video production. Focus more on how your brand/organization can help them, as opposed to creating content focused solely on your brand/organization.

3. Mobile First

Mobile is more important than desktop to Hispanics. Anything you create should be mobile-friendly first and at the same time be optimized for other platforms. Younger generations are more likely to consume content on a mobile device rather than desktop. Hispanics and women are likely to multitask and use multiple devices at the same time.

4. Advertise on streaming services

The research presented in this report shows Hispanic audiences are shifting to streaming services. Consider allocating some of your usual cable TV spend to streaming services this year.

Learn more about how to reach multicultural consumers on digital media on the ThinkNow Media report.


- Co-authored by RBFF Senior Manager of Digital Marketing, Johana Reyes and RBFF Digital Content Manager, Joanna Lario.