Stakeholder Resources Help Drive Satisfaction with RBFF

The results are in; state and industry stakeholders who engage with RBFF and its products and programs show high marks in stakeholder satisfaction. In a survey of RBFF state and industry stakeholders, respondents conveyed positive overall perception of RBFF and satisfaction with its products and programs.

Overall, those who used two or more RBFF products reported strong satisfaction with 75% of state stakeholders and 77% of industry stakeholders showing they are very or extremely satisfied. Respondents also trust RBFF to deliver news and information to the industry and overwhelmingly agree that RBFF increases awareness of the importance of protecting our aquatic natural resources. Perhaps most importantly, 76% of state and 69% of industry respondents feel that RBFF increases participation.



What’s driving these high marks? RBFF’s products and resources. Here’s what our stakeholders used most this year:

  • RBFF Webinar Series
  • State Marketing Workshop
  • Recommendations and Strategic Tools for Effective Angler R3 Efforts
  • RBFF Research on consumer insights and trends
  • Places to Fish & Boat Map


Overwhelmingly, respondents valued RBFF’s mission, R3 efforts, and efforts to encourage participation. To learn more about the work RBFF does, why it’s important to the industry, and how you can utilize our resources to get involved, head to