Stories of Anglers Showcases Diversity of Fishing

If people don’t see themselves in an activity, they’re not likely to try it. That is the key insight driving a new RBFF strategy launched this year to grow awareness of the sport and inspire participation. Fishing is as diverse as ever, but you wouldn’t know that by looking at how it’s portrayed in the media and even in content and advertisements from within our own industry, with very traditional imagery and messaging.


Representation matters. Our goal for each video in the new Stories of Anglers series is to showcase a diverse person or group who may not be viewed as your “typical” angler. By increasing representation in fishing media, a wider swath of Americans can look at fishing and say, “this is an activity for me.”


The Stories of Anglers series builds upon the foundation laid by our own Vamos A Pescar and #WomenMakingWaves campaigns and others on the leading edge of this movement. From inspirational, tear jerking stories to high-profile and unlikely anglers, the six-part series shows just how diverse fishing really is.


Take a few minutes to view each video, and be sure to share your unique fishing perspective.