Three Ways Take Me Fishing’s TikTok Content Helps you Engage Newcomers

Don’t have a TikTok account yet? It’s ok! Any social media manager will tell you that you don’t need to be in every social media channel, especially if you don’t have the time and resources. But what if you could use someone else’s content to engage your audience while increasing awareness of fishing and helping participation at the same time?! Spoiler alert: It’s possible.


We launched our TikTok channel @takemefishing_ this summer with how-to content that performed extremely well. Short-form vertical video is here to stay thanks to TikTok (among other platforms). That’s because this content is audience-centric, experimental and values authenticity over brand.


At Take Me Fishing we believe #TheWaterIsOpen to everyone. There’s a big audience out there that’s eager to learn about fishing and boating, so we encourage you to share our short-form vertical video content!


Here are three easy ways to do it:


1. Share the videos to your social media channels directly from TikTok.


Even if you don’t have a TikTok account, you can still share content from Take Me Fishing’s TikTok to your existing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest accounts, among others. We invite you to share all of our content! When you do, please make sure to tag and mention Take Me Fishing each time and use the hashtag #takemefishing in your posts, regardless of platform.


Watch this video to quickly learn how to share our videos to your social media channels:



2. Embed Take Me Fishing TikTok videos on your website.


If you need engaging video content but don’t have the time and resources, embed Take Me Fishing’s TikTok content on your website! This is a quick and easy way to engage and educate newcomers that will soon become your customers.


It’s simple to do, especially when you get a little help from your web team:



3. Use TikTok’s Duo and Stitch tools.


Tiktok’s Duo and Stitch features allow you to use existing content and build directly off it. You can use a preexisting video from Take Me Fishing and add knowledge and inspiration in your own brand voice and business expertise. Even though this type of content is experimental and laid-back, it will usually require a bit more time and effort as authenticity is key.