Top 20 Topics to Engage Newcomers in Fishing
Top 20 Topics to Engage Newcomers in Fishing

If you started fishing as a child, which many of us in the industry did, it’s hard to put yourself in a newcomer’s shoes. "What do you mean, you don’t know how to hold the rod and reel? Or put bait on the hook?"


There are many very basic things people need to learn to have a successful day on the water, and that’s where Take Me Fishing comes in. We recently audited our top content for newcomers. If you’re looking to retain the influx of 2020 new anglers we’re anticipating, share these top 20 topics via your newsletter and/or social channels or create content of your own!


How to Fish

Fishing Knots & Rigs

Where to Fish & Boat

Fishing Gear & Tackle

How to Get a Fishing License

Freshwater Fishing

Saltwater Fishing


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