Who Will be the 100th Brand to Host our Website Plugin?

99 Brands have now added the RBFF Fishing License & Boat Registration Website Plugin to their sites, bringing critical information straight to consumers where they already are – on your site!

In January, the plugin was used nearly 100,000 times by consumers to get fishing license and boat registration information. The plugin directed consumers to state agency webpages to complete a fishing license transaction more than 4,000 times and did the same for boat registrations more than 400 times, driving licenses purchases and registrations for our state agency partners and leading to more funding for conservation efforts across the country.

We are looking for the 100th brand to add the plugin to their site, but we aren’t stopping there. With the success this resource has enjoyed so far, we are aiming to have the plugin on the websites of 200 brands by the end of 2020. Can we count on you?

Thank you to Arkansas Marine, Fishers of Kids Anglers Academy, Fishing Tackle Retailer, Rocky Mountain Fly Fishing Company, Rodney’s Marine, Seaguar, and Southern Hawgs for adding the plugin to your site in January.