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28 Organizations Help RBFF Increase Licenses & Registrations

Buying a fishing license or registering a boat can be one of the most daunting steps an angler or boater takes in their journey to the water. But RBFF has made it easier than ever, thanks to the Fishing License & Boat Registration Website Plugin, and organizations all across the United States are helping their customers by adding the plugin to their consumer-facing websites.

In the month of April, the tool received 122,305 visits (up 10,000 sessions from March) times to bring fishing license and boat registration information directly to consumers looking to get on the water. This brings the total number of sessions to 457,675 since the tool was introduced at the end of 2018.

Overall, 28 organizations have added the plugin to their websites. Here are the top 5 based on sessions:

“We are incredibly pleased by the reception of our new plugin,” said RBFF President & CEO Frank Peterson. “It’s obvious that consumers across the country are looking for a simple way to purchase a license and register a boat. This tool delivers that. Now is the time for more organizations to step up to the plate to provide added value to their customers, increasing license sales and registrations, and helping us reach 60 in 60, all with this one tool.”

Help get us closer to 60 in 60. Learn more about adding the tool to your website today!

For further information: David Rodgers,, 703-253-7268