Calling All Female Anglers!

By RBFF SVP of Marketing & Communications Stephanie Vatalaro

I am fortunate to have strong female role models in fishing, and the notion of fishing being ‘just for the guys’ is not something I grew up with. There are plenty of women just like me who were brought into fishing by their mothers, grandmothers and female friends (and many of them work in the fishing and boating industries!). But the perception of women in fishing among the general public is much different.

Women make up 45% of new fishing participants each year, but they drop out at a really high rate because only 1 in 5 actually sees themselves in the sport. On International Women’s Day, I’m asking all female anglers to help change this.

Share your story with others – When you’re out on the water, share photos and videos with your friends and family. Talk about why you fish… Because of the amazing memories it’s given you, the people it’s helped you bond with and the wonderful meals it’s allowed you to provide.

Invite a newcomer fishing – Take someone who’s never been before. Show them the ropes and offer to take them again.

There are 17.7 million female anglers in the U.S. We can have a positive influence on fishing participation to help secure the future of the sport and contribute to important conservation projects that sustain the resource.

Happy International Women’s Day and tight lines ladies!