Prioritize Retention for Long-Term Success

I’m left with a lot to ponder following last week’s Boating Industry ELEVATE SUMMIT in Atlanta, GA. Thought-provoking and engaging presentations paired with long-overdue industry networking made for a fulfilling event. I was pleased to hear many discuss the importance of retaining our new “pandemic” participants…


  • “The biggest thing that will impact our industry moving forward is how we treat these new customers. Our success or struggles 5 to 10 years from now will very directly tie to how we do that.” Bill Yeargin, Correct Craft
  • “We saw an incredible number of first-time boat buyers in 2020. Retention is critical.” Brenna Preisser, Brunswick Corp.
  • “I’m not surprised by the growth. We need to keep people boating.” Ben Speciale, Yamaha
  • “It’s easier to keep a customer (through retention) than get a new one,” Jack Ellis, Info-Link


But one thing was missing in my mind. Concrete examples of how, exactly, boating businesses are successfully retaining their new customers. I’m guessing most businesses running successful retention campaigns may not want to share the recipe to their “secret sauce,” but RBFF can help. We conducted a comprehensive, nationwide study of 2020’s new boaters and anglers that has actionable insights to help you get started.


These free, downloadable resources tell you what resonated with newcomers, and what need to keep coming back for more:


When you boil it down to basics, retention is just good, old-fashioned customer service. With millions of new boaters and anglers getting on board in 2020, what are you waiting for?